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Water cutting

What is water cutting?

Water cutting is a technology that – as the name suggests – uses high pressure water and abrasive to work, hence it is often called abrasive blasting. The entire process is performed by a specialized CNC machine, namely a waterjet. One of the biggest advantages of waterjet cutting is high precision – even up to 0.1 mm. Moreover, this type of treatment does not interfere with the external structure of the material, does not produce any harmful dust, does not require additional finishing and is really efficient. In addition, water cutting is suitable for processing even very hard and thick materials.

Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting allows you to avoid many limitations that other cutting technologies put in our way. Thanks to this, the entire production process is extremely fast and efficient, and at the same time more effective. It should also be mentioned that in the case of cutting with water, the material is not exposed to high temperatures, thanks to which its properties do not change and it does not deform.
The waterjet cutting service we offer is used to process many different materials, such as metal, ceramics, concrete, stone, rubber and foam. For this reason, it is becoming more and more popular every year. It is useful in the construction of steel sheets, steel hinges, tilting mechanisms of hinges, table bases, mooring cleats or anchor rolls. It works well with even the most demanding tasks.

Cutting steel with water

Waterjet cutting is a processing method that allows for perfect and maximum precision cutting of even the smallest details in steel. Due to the use of CNC technology, there is no need to perform any additional processing, because the effects are really excellent. In addition, the whole process takes place extremely quickly, thanks to which we are able to implement even very large projects in a short time. We carry out orders in the field of steel cutting with water for both individual clients and companies.

Aluminum water cutting

Waterjet cutting is also a very effective method of processing aluminum. In the case of aluminum, this method is the most effective and the results are spectacular. Water cutting does not stiffen the material along the edges and does not contribute to any changes in the structure of the raw material. The processing guarantees extreme precision, and the surface of the aluminum after cutting is uniform and smooth, which means that there is no need for additional finishing treatment on the material.

Water cutting machine

With the help of our specialized machines for water cutting, we are able to achieve the intended results in 100%. Our devices ensure great accuracy and the highest quality of processing. Thanks to the equipment with which we have equipped our machine park, we can easily cut even very large elements with water, as well as several elements at the same time. Our devices also allow the cutting of any, even the most complex shapes.

Discover the benefits of waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is a very popular type of processing of many different materials, which is distinguished by excellent efficiency and the highest quality. This is why it definitely wins the ranking of the best cutting methods. With the help of water cutting technology, it is possible to cut through thick materials that other processing methods would not be able to handle. Moreover, water cutting guarantees the highest level of precision, which is why the processed elements are finished in a very precise manner. It is also worth mentioning that during this process, the material is not exposed to high temperatures, therefore it is not exposed to mechanical damage, such as cracks or scratches.

In summary, the most important advantages of waterjet cutting are:

• No damage to the surface structure of the material, so no additional post-treatment is required
• The cut edges are very precise, smooth and even.
• It is an environmentally friendly technology as no harmful fumes or hazardous waste are produced when cutting with water
• Almost all materials can be cut
• Possibility of making any shapes
• Fast and efficient material processing

Waterjet cutting – what materials can this technology be used for?

Water cutting is a very versatile and effective technology that allows the processing of wide variety of materials, and the cutting is performed with the highest precision that cannot be guaranteed by any other technology . What materials can waterjet be used for ?

• Ceramics
• Wood
• Gres
• Gum
• Natural stone
• Conglomerate
• Non-ferrous metals
• Wood-based panels
• Polycarbonate
• Stainless steel
• Carbon steel
• Non-ferrous metal alloys
• Glass
• Plastics

If you are not on our list is the material that you want to be treated by cutting water, be sure to contact us. We will do everything to find the optimal solution for you.

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