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The scope of our services includes sheet metal bending with a press brake with CNC numerical control. CNC sheet bending is a modern type of material processing technology. By means of a press brake and appropriate punches and dies, the sheet can be bent, crimped and kneaded at any angle. A modern press brake will permanently change the curvature of the workpiece. Due to the fact that the press is numerically controlled, each order will be made with the greatest accuracy. Such precision is required, for example, by sheets for anchor rollers. Their bend must be perfect so that they can fulfill their role for many years. That is why it is worth trusting experienced specialists from our staff.

Press brake bending

The sheet bending service covers mainly steel and aluminum sheets. Properly bent sheets are then used as metal roof tiles or window sills, as well as eaves. The sheet metal bending service is also useful, for example, in the production of tilt hinge mechanisms. Sheet metal bending services are widely used in the production of many types of goods. By entrusting us with the performance of these services, you can be sure that the bending process will be carried out by experienced and qualified specialists. Thanks to modern technology and appropriate staff, we are able to offer our clients the highest quality and reasonable prices.

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