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Powder coating uses electrified powder paint particles, which are applied to a conductive surface such as metal. The powder layer remains on the surface of the painted element due to electrostatic forces. Two techniques of electrification and application of powder paint are used for powder coating: electrostatic spraying and electrokinetic spraying.

Powder coating

Powder coating is nothing more than a different term for powder coating. It really has many advantages. This includes corrosion protection, no solvent emissions to the environment, energy savings due to the possibility of using closed ventilation systems, as well as perfect masking of machining inaccuracies Powder coating is also very economical and ecological due to the almost 100% use of painting material. The unsettled powder particles can be easily recovered.

What is powder coating?

As we mentioned at the beginning, powder coating consists of spraying electrified paint particles onto the metallic and conductive surface with a gun. Both load and application are possible thanks to electrokinetic or electrostatic spraying. The paint applied to the surface is then heat cured. The result is a hard coating. This method is ideal for table bases or cleats.

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