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Our company offers comprehensive CNC turning of such elements as rails and handles, or bathing ladders for boats and yachts. The turning service treats the external and internal surfaces of workpieces in various shapes, such as revolving solids. The turning process with a CNC lathe consists in gradual separation of the material layer with a special turning knife. This is how elements such as pilers are shaped. You can outsource CNC turning to our specialists who, thanks to their experience and knowledge, are able to take on the most difficult tasks. It is worth trusting a company that puts the quality of the elements first.

Modern CNC lathes

CNC turning is a very popular method of modern metal processing. Modern CNC lathes used in our company are very effective and precise, thanks to which we can offer our clients fast turning services with accuracy. Modern numerically controlled lathes are able to perfectly produce many elements, such as mooring cleats. Thanks to our qualified and experienced specialists, you can be sure that your order will be executed with the greatest accuracy.

Steel turning

Turning (machining) of steel is a process that is based on the machining of the material. Turning knives are used for this purpose. The steel element is placed on the lathe chuck, which causes the material to spin. Then, the turning tool moves perpendicularly or parallel to the machining axis and during this time it removes the surface layer of the material, giving it a specific shape. The process may be different for your situation. Sometimes it is necessary to use, for example, two or more turning tools, which are mounted on the tool post of the lathe.

There are several types of steel turning, namely:

  • shape turning – here the knife is positioned according to the pattern using shaped knives,
  • transverse turning – the knife moves perpendicular to the axis,
  • longitudinal turning – in this case the knife moves parallel along the axis of rotation of the steel, and the machining consists in removing the top layer of material.

Turning aluminum

The lathe can also be used for processing aluminum. Support lathes are used to work with large elements in short production series, while automatic lathes are a better choice for small elements and large production series. Aluminum turning takes place at very high temperatures, so it is necessary to use coolants in the form of mineral oils, which cool the knives and also wash away the chips. When turning aluminum, tungsten carbide or high speed steel knives are usually used. In order for the machining of aluminum to be as efficient as possible, and to ensure that their surface is precise and smooth, we use the highest quality knives and an appropriate rake angle.

Turning services – find out about their advantages

CNC turning is used to machine elements that look like revolving solids. So these are objects with spherical, cylindrical and conical shapes. The turning service enables elements to be given specific shapes by cutting off the layers with a turning knife. It is also worth adding that there are several important factors that affect what effect will be obtained after performing a turning service. It is i.a. depth, force, and cutting speed. It should also be added that the formation of a specific object is also influenced by the determination of the knife’s advance direction. In summary, only when all of the above-mentioned aspects are clarified, it will be possible to perform precise CNC turning.
The CNC turning service has practically replaced traditional machining methods today. It provides incomparable precision, excellent performance and great results. It is also worth adding that the operation of CNC machines does not depend on the operator, so in this case there is actually no human error. In the case of CNC turning, the machine controls the entire process by computer. So any losses are minimized. Traditional machining was associated with many errors. Fortunately, the CNC turning service has eliminated this problem. So you can safely say that it is precise and efficient. Its great advantage is also the maximum material economy and speed. CNC turning allows for the processing of many elements in a very short time, which would not be possible in the case of manual processing. It is also impossible not to mention the repeatability that is achieved thanks to the CNC turning service. The entire process can be pre-programmed and automated. As a result, creating many of the same copies will not be a problem.

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