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Our offer includes professional CNC tube bending, necessary during the production of such elements as rails and handles. The bending of pipes in our company is carried out using a professional numerically controlled CNC bending machine. A modern bender used by our staff can bend pipes at any angle. All pipe bending services are performed by experienced employees, trained on numerous professional courses. Each CNC tube bending service is performed with high precision, so that all customers can be sure of the highest quality. Pipe bending is an essential part of the production process of items such as bathing ladders for boats and yachts.

Pipe processing

To be effective, pipe processing must be performed with high accuracy. The bending rollers in the bender can bend the tubes at any angle. In order for the entire process of bending pipes to be safe and successful, appropriate parameters of the entire process must be selected. The specialist must also constantly watch over the entire bending process to ensure that it takes place correctly. That is why it is worth trusting experienced and qualified specialists from our company.

Pipe bending – what is it?

Pipe bending is a technological process that involves a permanent change in the curvature of the processed material, and more precisely, the plastic deformation of the pipe in such a way as to give it a specific shape. Conducting this process requires appropriate knowledge and experience – both when it comes to bending pipes, as well as operating an advanced bender. Pipe bending can be performed either cold or hot. The first technique is used for pipes whose diameter does not exceed 28 mm. Moreover, pipes made of carbon steel and stainless steel should be bent cold. On the other hand, hot bending of pipes is performed on pipes of larger diameters. This technique provides an aesthetic edge finish and the precision of bending.

CNC tube bending – materials

Many different materials can be used to bend pipes. As for the most popular ones, it is worth mentioning, first of all, aluminum, steel and stainless steel. All these materials are great for bending and also allow you to make even very complex, non-standard shapes. Thanks to this, we are able to adjust each order to the individual expectations and needs of our clients. What’s more, CNC tube bending carried out with the use of modern machines allows for quick and precise processing. It is also worth adding that this type of processing allows for mass production – regardless of the material from which the pipe was made.

CNC tube bending – get to know the most important advantages

CNC tube bending is one of the most popular methods of mechanical processing, the purpose of which is plastic deformation and giving the appropriate spatial shape to various types of elements, including made of aluminum, steel and stainless steel. One of the most important advantages of CNC tube bending is the ability to obtain repeatable components with excellent accuracy. For this reason, this processing method is used not only for single parts, but also for mass production. It guarantees the highest quality products without any dents or flattening in the bending area. Modern CNC tube bending machines allow for the analysis and simulation of the element made, thanks to which it is possible to significantly save material and reduce its losses. It also contributes to the reduction of the processing time compared to traditional methods.

Pipe bending services – application

Bending to make pipes is used by many different industries. In particular, this service is used by the following industries: food, construction, automotive, machinery, railway, hydraulic and petrochemical. Thanks to the innovative software for CNC machines, the pipe bending service can be performed, among others balustrade arches, handrails, chair backs and much more. Pipe bending is also used to manufacture devices whose parameters are precisely defined and subject to special requirements. They include: cooling installations, pneumatic installations, hydraulic installations and heat exchangers. Other applications of bent pipes are: dome structures, arched hall structures, home furniture, school furniture, office furniture, guides, rails, rehabilitation equipment, sports equipment, arch canopies, glass canopies, polycarbonate canopies, canopies, bus stop canopies, roll-up collars with angles and profiles, etc.

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