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CNC milling – what is it?

Our service offer includes CNC milling. This modern type of metal machining consists in putting a milling tool into rotary motion and then processing a given material with it. Mainly aluminum and steel are CNC milled. Thanks to milling, it is possible to make various elements that require very high accuracy and precision – for example, tilting mechanisms of hinges. As metal milling on CNC machines requires a lot of experience and knowledge, all KW Construction employees have the appropriate certificates and completed courses. Thanks to this, each client can be sure that the order will be performed with full precision.


Anchor rollers, for example, can also be produced by milling. These types of items require precise execution so that they can function efficiently for many years. We offer milling services at the highest level and an individual approach to the needs of each client. CNC milling is the most universal form of machining, which is why we are able to implement most of our clients’ projects. We have a modern CNC milling machine and a very large selection of cutters, so we can successfully deal with the unit, serial and mass production of many types of elements.

CNC milling – application

CNC milling is one of the most popular machining methods. With the help of various types of blades, even the most complex forms can be obtained. Milling enables machining of shaped surfaces, planes, grooves, toothing and channels. CNC milling is used, among others for machining aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

CNC milling of aluminum

For milling aluminum, very high rotational speeds and high feeds are used. When selecting the parameters for working with aluminum, it is important to pay attention to the type of tool, its power, and the method of fixing the material. In the aluminum milling process, it is also extremely important to control the processing temperature.

CNC milling of steel

Steel is also one of the materials that are often CNC milled. Due to the great popularity of steel applications, it is available in many grades that differ in properties. Therefore, it includes such grades as, for example, carbon steel (with a carbon content of up to 0.55%), low-alloy steel (characterized by good machinability) or high-alloy steel (its features and parameters differ depending on the alloy additives used).

CNC milling of stainless steel

Among the materials subjected to CNC milling is also stainless steel. From the point of view of machining, it is divided into: ferritic, martensitic and austenitic steel. The first and the second are very easy to mill, while the third is very difficult to machine.

Discover the advantages of CNC milling

CNC milling has a lot of advantages, and each of them is worth mentioning. It is not without reason that this type of processing is the most frequently chosen when it comes to modeling materials. The key advantage that makes us reach for CNC milling is an extremely short production time. The milling work is done very quickly. In addition, it is worth mentioning that CNC milling allows you to make elements of very complex and non-standard shapes. In addition, throughout the shaping process, the machine maintains the highest level of surface and dimensional precision.

CNC milling services – what is unit production?

One-piece production means that the produced items are not repeatable. It is mainly used to make product prototypes. It concerns, inter alia, tool shops where devices such as electrodes, dies, injection molds and dies are produced. It is also worth adding that CNC milling allows you to achieve excellent dimensional accuracy while maintaining an appropriate surface structure, therefore it is perfect for unit production.

CNC milling and serial production – what is worth knowing?

Mass production is used primarily in the production of large elements and even machines. Thanks to CNC milling, it is possible to make whole series of identical products without compromising on quality. What’s more, serial production significantly reduces the time that would have to be spent on retooling the machine as well as making individual components. By choosing this type of production, you can save a lot.

What is mass production in the context of CNC milling?

Mass production is used primarily in the automotive industry. It can even be said that CNC milling in this industry is necessary due to the dynamic development of production. By mass production, the cost of manufacturing auto parts can be reduced. Moreover, in the case of CNC milling, the machines can be freely configured and improved, which gives greater flexibility and even better results.

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