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All sheets are made to individual customer orders. The sheets can be made of three different materials – acid-resistant steel, aluminum and structural steel. Our offer also includes sheet metal bending. Thanks to this, after the production of the sheet, we can also immediately bend it.

Custom-made sheets

For several years, we have been offering our customers sheets of metal manufactured according to strict quality standards. Depending on the customer’s request, each sheet can be manufactured in any shape, size and thickness. We also offer various services related to sheet metal processing, such as powder coating.

Aluminum sheet

The production of aluminum sheets can be completed with other services, such as anodizing. Thanks to this, we are able not only to produce a sheet, but also to process it immediately so that it is resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion. Our service offer also includes CNC milling, with the help of which we can produce a sheet of a shape desired by the customer.

Stainless steel sheet

We also offer laser cutting of metal sheets produced by us and by other manufacturers. Due to the fact that we offer comprehensive services, we are able to create a sheet and then cut or process it in any way, according to the customer’s wishes. For example, we also offer a modern water cutting technique. We invite all interested persons to place orders.

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