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Tilt mechanism

Our offer includes the production of hinge mechanisms on customer’s request. All our hinges will last for many years, thanks to the fact that they are manufactured using the best materials and technologies. For the processing of the tilting mechanism, among others, CNC milling is used. This type of metal cutting is very versatile, so we can make many shapes of tilting mechanisms. We are a company with many years of experience, which puts the quality of our products first.

Hinge system

We offer the production of hinge mechanisms from three types of materials – structural steel, acid-resistant steel and aluminum. Depending on the customer’s request, the surface of the hinges produced by us can be finished using one of many techniques. The customer can choose from many types of finishes: raw, sanded, electropolished, hand polished, painted, anodized and galvanized. For the formation of hinge systems, the water cutting service is used, among others, which allows for very accurate cutting of even several elements at the same time. The hinge mechanisms we offer can be used, for example, in the production of furniture and other items. We invite you to contact our specialists and place orders.

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