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Pilers, also called deck supports, are an essential structural element on floating watercraft. Currently, our customers decide to order pilers almost always as supports for the mast column. Deck stays are essential on yachts as they not only support the mast column, but also act as a table stand in the cabin. We offer the production of pilers of the highest quality from the best materials. Our pilers are resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion, thanks to the use of appropriate methods of metal processing. The pilers we offer will support the mast for many years.

If you are interested in ordering the highest quality pilers, please contact our specialists. We offer the production of pilers for individual customer orders. We are able to adjust the design of the pilers to the requirements of each person. For years, we have been producing solid pilers made of aluminum, acid-resistant steel and structural steel. In addition to choosing the material from which the deck support will be produced, the customer can also choose the surface finish of the ordered pilers. We offer many types of finishes: raw, ground, electropolished, hand polished, painted, anodized, galvanized. We invite you to contact us and place orders.

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