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Boat cleats are an indispensable element of watercraft. Their most important role is to enable quick immobilization of the rope and its smooth release if necessary. That is why their high class and ergonomic shape are so important. Cleats produced by us are characterized by the highest quality parameters and resistance to damage. They will prove themselves during every cruise and in all weather conditions.


Boat cleats

In our offer you will find cleats for boats made of acid-resistant steel or aluminum. We make them on individual customer’s request. Cleats manufactured by us are the highest quality products that meet the strictest standards. As a result, we have obtained many positive recommendations from our satisfied customers. All thanks to the fact that the quality of our products is our top priority.


Mooring cleats

Cleats available in our offer are offered in various surface finishes: raw, ground, electropolished, hand-polished, painted or made by anodizing. The latter consists in electrolytically producing an oxide layer with greater hardness and corrosion resistance than the naturally formed layer. Our mooring cleats are made using the welding method. Thanks to this, we are able to guarantee their reliability and high quality. We invite you to contact us and place orders.


Boat cleats – why is choosing the right cleats important?

Unfortunately, one does not often pay attention to what equipment is on board. Especially when we talk about cleats, which are very small compared to other elements. However, this is a big mistake, because in a situation where the cleats for the boat are not properly matched to the diameter and load of the rope, the rope often starts to slip, and in addition, problems with unwrapping it may arise. Ropes that are difficult to cleave and that jam when they need to be loosened are a big problem, affecting, among others, on the effectiveness of trimming. Even such seemingly minor inconveniences can make work on board very strenuous and uncomfortable. In a situation where the cleats to the boat are badly fitted, the probability of making a mistake or an accident increases. For this reason, it is worth investing in good quality cleats that will ensure comfort and functionality.


Mooring cleats – what material should they be made of?

The type of cleats material is as important as the suitability of the cleats to the needs of a particular boat. Due to the fact that the mooring cleats are made in accordance with the applicable standards, and also adapted to the type of vessel, rope trimming is safe, quick and intuitive. So what are the most popular and best mooring cleats? First of all, these are cleats made of acid-resistant steel, which are chosen for medium and large yachts. In addition to being very durable and durable, they also show high resistance to various substances and the formation of rust. The second most popular type is aluminum cleats. They will prove useful when the loads are higher and the regulations are frequently used. They are mainly used for tensioning ropes on high-performance racing yachts. It is also worth adding that when the loads on the boat are very heavy, it is necessary to ensure that the cleats are additionally reinforced. In such a situation, it is worth investing in really good quality mooring cleats that will ensure the highest level of safety.

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